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This is a 12 bird kit of my 2016 South Africans taken in September 2017

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2018 Season

From May 11 to the 13th our region (PA-Maryland) flew the World Cup. Jay Yandel judged for us. I was very fortunate to win our region with a score of "625" flying my South Africans. I'll be flying in the finals on June 10th. Here are a few pictures from the weekend and the region's results in the order that we flew.

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2017 Season

On September 30th I flew in the 2017 finals for the Fall Fly. I scored a 161, but more importantly, had a great time with my friends and was very,very glad the birds didn't embarrass me.

I’m happy to say that I finished 4th in the 2017 Henry Cook Memorial

NBRC “11” Bird National Fly

Congratulations to Jeff Lettrell winner of the 11 bird & Mark Ritter winner of the 20 bird!

I currently don't have any birds for sale

*I primarily raise South Africans and plan to raise some Turners in 2018

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