I'd like to give you a quick background

I'm located about 30 miles North of Pittsburgh, Pa in a small village called Markle. I'm 63 and have been raising pigeons since I was about 10 years old. My first love in pigeons is Performing Birmingham Rollers, I've raised them since childhood and I am a member of the NBRC

About 16 years ago I started a White Dove Release Business which has grown to be a very successful business for me. www.MemoryMakers.net This year I decided to breed the whites on a large scale to not only supply birds for my own business, but to make them available to others who are doing it too, but may not have the room or the time to breed their own birds

Thanks .................Norm




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November 21st 2015

Hi, I'm Norm Brozovich, and welcome to our site.

Currently we are taking youngbird orders
for 2016 on White Homers. We've been
in the dove release business for 16 years
and have developed a very nice family of white homers
for the white dove release businesses .

Our 2016 homers will be banded with your own bands.
Mail me the number of bands for the squeakers you order.

6 bird kits are $250.00 + box & shipping.
12 bird kits are $475.00 + box & shipping

A non refundable deposit of $100.00 must accompany
the order along with the bands. Bands can be ordered from
Foy's @ (724-843-8889) and mailed by them directly to me.

Note: You will need to order the correct size box from Foy's Pigeon Supply and have
it sent to us They will tell you the size necessary for the number of birds
that you order. Also note that shipping cost have gone up.
The shipping on twelve young homers in a large box cost on average
between $100 & $125 dolars. It now goes by box size and weight.

We're also offering high quality Birmingham rollers.
from my Rick Mee or Roe/Hardesty families.
I will band rollers with my bands.
They are being sold in
10 bird kits for $400 + box & shipping

Call or text for what's available

*Some Rick Mee & Roe/Hardesty breeding pairs are also available for $125 a pair

CALL or TEXT 412-952-1801

email broz50@comcast.net for prices

I Hope You Enjoy The Site