It's All About Keeping Them Flying

I'd like to give you a quick background

My name's Norm Brozovich and I'm located about 30 miles North of Pittsburgh, Pa in a small village called Markle. I'm 66 and have been raising pigeons since I was about 10 years old. My first love in pigeons has always been Performing Birmingham Rollers, I've raised them since childhood and I am a member of the NBRC. I also own a sucessful White Dove business also called MEMORY MAKERS which I started in 2001. This coming January 2018 my 2 sons, Nick & Greg will be taking over that business. And finially, I've been a Golden Retriever breeder for over 25 years now and are very well known for our high quailty Goldens. Our kennel is named GOLDENROD KENNELS. My other 2 websites are and . That should be about everything other than being married to my very lovely and supportive wife Bev. Thanks ... Norm  

About my South African Family

Over the years I've had many families. I gave some of them 3, 4, and even 5 years but was never really happy with the performance I was getting out of the birds. Then in 2015 I was fortunate enough to acquire an outstanding cock bird and 3 good hens from Jim Sherwood. Shortly after that I bought 2 more hens Jim donated to our regional fly auction, then talked Jim into letting me have one more good cock bird of his and that made 7 total. Because it was later in the year of 2015, I decided to polygamy breed the 2 cocks and 5 hens and not fly those youngsters, but hold them for additional breeding stock for 2016. I raised 15 babies out of them and now was waiting for the next breeding season. You can see pictures of them on the "South African" page. Jim and I had formed a friendship and spoke often. In early April 2016 he called and I thought it was going to be our normal conversation but instead he told me that he had decided to get out of birds. I couldn’t believe it but he said it was something he had thought long and hard about and he wanted to know if I wanted any of the birds. I immediately said I wanted them all and to take his time and let me know what he wanted for them. He came up with a price and I was able to obtain all but 4 pair he’d already promised to someone else. Although he didn’t ask, I told him I would not be letting any of them go. I wanted to learn about the family, with his help, and try to continue where he left off. He’s become a close friend and I just want to make him proud and be glad that I was the one to get his birds. By the way, I made him promise not to tell anyone who got the birds. I didn’t want to have anyone try to talk me out of any of them until I decided the time was right.


Striving For The Best