These are our two lofts. On the right is our Roller breeding & stock loft and four pens for our flying white homers business. We fly out of the center section which is16'x 20'. In that section are 8 pens that measure 5'x 5' (4 on each side of a 6' hall). Four pens on the opposite side of the hall are stock pens for my roller breeders.Each pen has 40 "V" perches and it's own avairy. There is also a 16' x 16' heated Breeding Room on the left end of the building with 18 individual breeding cages. There's an annex off of the breeding room that's a feed room and a 16 x 4 foot open loft breeding pen for 10 pair of feeders. Between the two buildings are four 4'x 3' kit boxes, with 25 perches each. Then in 2017 I added 4 more kit boxes with 20 perches each

The building on the left is our 20'x 24' Breeding Loft that was built in the summer of 2005. It has a 6' hallway down the middle. The inside wall on the right has 44 custom built self cleaning nests that were built in Gemany. They are divided into two pens measuring 12' x 7' each. The left wall also has a self cleaning nest unit from Germany and holds 20 slightly larger nests in a 12' x 7' pen. Finally, in the back left corner is a 12' x 7' weaning pen that, in the winter I use for my holdover kit birds. All three main pens have 10' wall feeders and the birds are watered from large cups hung on the wire in the hall. They each also have a 4'x 10'x 6' high avairy.

The white box in front of the parking area has seven more kitboxes. It's 20 feet long and 2 feet deep and is used for 11 bird kits. Each box can hold up to 20 birds
And finally, the brown box in front of the Breeding Loft is for our Parlor Rollers. Note that I've made some changes to the interior & exterior since some of the pictures below were taken. The breeding cages on casters are gone & that area is now the weaning pen. I've also cut down on the number of white home breeders I'm using

Breeding Loft & Interior

20 X 24 Foot Breeding Loft

Sections "A" & "B" These are the self-cleaning nest units. Notice the conveyor belts between the floor of the nest and the nest number below it. The 4 belts clean this 44 nest unit in about 60 seconds. All of the droppings fall into a large plastic pan in a closet at the end of the unit. These units are expensive, but worth every penny of the cost. The 20 nest unit on the opposite side of the lofts works the same way. That's 64 nests cleaned in about a minute!

Left is 10 foot wall feed for each section...............Pen "C" 20 More Self Cleaning Nests Opposite Those Shown Above.... On The Right Are Squeaker Weaning Pens

18 Individual Breeding Cages For Roller-------24 Individual Breeding Cages For Homers are gone

The avairy for the nests in sections A & B (20'x 4'x 6' high)

Flying Loft

Each Avairy Door Acts As A Landing Deck & The Traps Are Removable From The Window. Each 5' x 5' Pen Has 40 "V" Perches

This Is The Hallway Of The Flying Loft, Each Pen Has A Wall Feeder

Rear Of Flying Loft Below

You can see the two annexes off the main building that serve as stock lofts

Kit Boxes

New Kitboxes

Old Kitboxes Each box is 4'x 3' with removable traps and feeders accessed from the outside

Here are more pictures from inside the Breeding Loft